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Object typeTools
Skill usedManufacturing tools
Time4 day(s)
Objects2 diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire lenses
aluminized brass case
2 telescope mirrors
Toolsregular or bronze screwdriver
Rot and repair
Rot20 points per day
per day of use: Unknown (hard)
Repair400 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight725 grams
Viewing tools
View 200

200 telescope.png
Map graphic holding a telescope (light green) vs normal view (dark green). You see 2 times further.

If you're going to make all the components at once and want to spare yourself the trouble of visiting several pages, in total you're going to need:


For the lenses:

  • 180 grams of diamonds (12 or 6 DOW) or
    • 50 grams of emerald (6.25 or 3.125 DOW) or
    • 160 grams of ruby (8 or 4 DOW) or
    • 50 grams of sapphire (4.55 or 2.27 DOW)

The first value in parenthesis is manual gathering, the second one using a pickaxe or bronze pickaxe.

For the case:

  • 100 grams of aluminum
  • 200 grams of copper
  • 50 grams of zinc (0.42 DOW manual or 0.21 DOW with a pickaxe)

For the eyepiece:

For the mirrors:

DOW = Days of Work

Days of work

Days of work needed to produce the components, divided by skills used. This does not take into account the production or gathering of resources, as they can be acquired in several ways.

  • 8 days of work in Manufacturing (3 DOW for lenses, 1 DOW for the eyepiece, 4 DOW for mirrors)
  • 2 days of work in Smelting (for the case)
  • 4 days of work in Manufacturing tools (for combining the components)