Straight razor

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Straight razor
Object typeWeapons
Skill usedManufacturing weapons
Time2 day(s)
Materials40 grams of steel
40 grams of shell
20 grams of silver
Toolsbronze or steel peen hammer
bronze or iron chisel
bronze or steel flatter
bronze or steel set hammer
sledgehammer or bronze sledgehammer
regular or bronze screwdriver
Machinesbronze or iron anvil
small sharpening block
Rot and repair
Rot8 points per day
30 points per day of use
Repair300 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight100 grams

Description and uses

The straight razor is a weapon but it is also an rp item which is a folding blade. It is often paired with the strop and features a beautiful abalone shell handle decorated intricately with silver. It is a must for any barber.