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| attack      = unknown
| attack      = 10
| skillweight =  
| skillweight = 75
| defense    =  
| defense    =  
| weight      = 100
| weight      = 100

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Stone knife
Object typeTools
Skill usedManufacturing tools
Time0.25 day(s)
Materials100 grams of stone
Rot and repair
Rotunknown points per day
unknown points per day of use
Repair0 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight100 grams

Like its cousins, the humble primitive seashell knife and bone knife, the stone knife has not much use as a weapon. But while being one of the simplest of tools, a knife is also among the most useful. It is able to perform the same tasks as a metal knife, but is less efficient. However, it only requires stone to make.

You will need a knife to make a variety of things, including clothes, other tools, basic weapons, and protection. It also helps you gather things like apples, bananas, grapes, and tomatoes at a faster rate.

See also: primitive seashell knife, knife, bronze knife, bone knife