Steel rapier

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Steel rapier
Steel rapier.jpg
Image Source: Weapons Emporium
Object typeWeapons
Skill usedManufacturing weapons
Time1 day(s)
Objectssteel rapier blade
Toolsbronze or steel peen hammer
Machinesbronze or iron anvil
Rot and repair
Rot4 points per day
21 points per day of use
Repair225 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight50 grams

Description and uses

Real-life context

"A rapier is a relatively slender (blade 2.5 centimetres or less in width), sharply pointed sword with a blade at least 90 centimetres in length, often sporting an elaborate hilt and hand-guard. For most of its period of use, the rapier was double-edged, some later rapiers were single-edged (with a sharply triangular blade) or edgeless. A rapier is capable of both cutting and thrusting attacks, but the thrust is the main attack in all rapier fighting styles." - Wikipedia - Rapier

"The rapier appeared in the early renaissance and was a civilian weapon. Contrary to popular belief, by modern standards it was a heavy and cumbersome sword, capable of attacks only and ill-suited to defense, a role usually relegated to the left hand or an auxiliary implement held in it. In time it evolved into the small-sword, a shorter and much faster weapon, one equally capable of attack and defense." - Sword Forum International