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When your character spawns, each of these states will be at 0%


Not yet implemented


This state increases every time you are attacked by another character or animal, if that other person uses enough force and you have insufficient protection. It also increases when you are living in a polluted environment (not yet implemented). Can be decreased by eating healing foods. These are all foods that you cannot eat automatically on a daily basis. Different types of healing foods have different rates of healing.


This state increases (you get more hungry) whenever you have insufficient daily food. Your hunger decreases as you eat food after you have gone hungry for a period of time. You will die if your hunger reaches a level of 100%.


Not yet implemented


Not yet implemented

This is the only state where the initial value varies depending on genes.


Not yet implemented


This state increases (you get more tired) every time you attack an animal, another character, or when you work on a project. There is also an infectuous disease in Cantr which increases your tiredness. However you can decrease your tiredness by using some furniture to rest. The increase in tiredness from fighting is directly proportional to the amount of force you use.