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weight effect=36000
weight effect=36000
== Uses ==
Allows you to travel on land more quickly.
This vehicle may travel on:
* [[Expressway]]
* [[Highway]]
* [[Paved road]]
* [[Sand road]]
== Construction ==
Days needed: 27
Raw materials needed:<BR>
13000 grams of [[steel]]<BR>
9000 grams of [[iron]]<BR>
1100 grams of [[rubber]]<BR>
1000 grams of [[window glass]]<BR>
Tools needed: [[screwdriver]], [[pincers]]
== Capacities ==
[[Passengers]]: 6<BR>
[[Carryon weight]]: moderate<BR>
[[Vehicle speed]]: 35 Units<BR>

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Land Vehicle
Total Capacity420000 grams
Travels onsand road
Base speed0.467
Enginecar engine
Weight effect36000