Simple hide tent

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Simple hide tent
Object typeBuildings
Skill usedBuilding
Time0.5 day(s)
Objects1 hide tent cloth
6 bone stakes
2 sticks
Locationonly outside
Weight150000 grams

Pitch your tent in a nice spot and feel better protected from the elements and the animals, then cuddle up in your sleeping bag for the ultimate wilderness luxury.

Tents function like steel cage — really a vehicle that can't move. When you're inside, the animals will not be able to attack you. However, they cannot be locked, and you can still be attacked by other characters while inside a tent.

A tent is quick to pitch and "disassemble", and is made from several parts. Don't lose your bone stakes!


A simple hide tent can be taken down into its constituent parts (hide tent cloth, bone stakes, and sticks) in 0.5 days.