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Here is a list that covers the most recent changes in the game. Information will get purged from the bottom (oldest) items, once they have been displayed long enough. Some dates might not be exact.

  • 06/02/2015
    • Curtains were added in six different varieties. The shipping crate was implemented.
  • 22/11/2014
    • When gathering resources, you can see on the project info page if you have a tool that boosts the gathering rate.
    • Manual eating system was changed into ajax based, so it's no longer required to load a different page.
  • 26/09/2014
    • There are now buttons to select/deselect all event filters.
    • Clothing descriptions are visible when viewing what's worn by a dead body.
  • 17/09/2014
    • It (accidentally) became possible to store containers inside other containers.
  • 06/09/2014
    • New fireworks were implemented: Small green firework, small orange firework, blue firework, yellow firework, great gold firework, great red firework, great white firework and red flare.
  • 29/7/2014
    • Olive oil was implemented. It has actually existed in the database for several years, but it only became possible to manufacture it now. Uses for it will be implemented in the near future. It's also possible to gather olives faster using a ladder, which previously had no uses.
  • 17/7/2014
    • It's now possible to register for the wiki without needing to contact a sysop, as long as you use the same email address you are registered with in Cantr.
  • 25/6/2014
    • Docking was changed so that your ship moves towards the target with each tick, instead of remaining in it's original spot. This may lead into the ship sailing across land. It will be impossible to cancel docking while the ship is on land. Also even if you were on water, you can't cancel docking if there's just one hour left.
  • 8/6/2014
    • Maximum object description length was doubled. It's now 320 characters. The part exceeding 160 characters is hidden on Objects and Inventory pages, but you can reveal the rest of it by clicking the "..." link.
  • 18/4/2014
    • It's now possible to disassemble rickshaws, tandem bikes and sloops.
    • Time trend statistics now use a Js-based library, making them look neater.
  • 22/3/2014
    • Deterioration status for buildings and vehicles was hidden, since they can't currently deteriorate.
  • 10/3/2014
    • It became possible to give many objects custom descriptions and/or labels.
    • It's also possible now to store notes and envelopes in containers.
  • 2/3/2014
    • The following poultry foods were added: coq-au-vin, wings and matzoh balls soup.
    • Also, the manufacturing times on some denim clothes were increased, because they weren't following the guidelines. Also denim dungarees now take buttons like the description says, instead of buckles.
  • 25/2/2014
    • It became possible to delete extra copies of notes inside envelopes automatically, including uneditable notes.
  • 8/2/2014
    • A delay was introduced to unsubbing to prevent someone else from instantly deleting your account if they get your login credentials.
  • 1/2/2014
    • It's now possible to domesticate a wide array of birds.
  • 21/1/2014
    • Notes that use HTML or CSS will be proofread automatically and fixed if they have errors. It's possible to view the edits it's going to make, giving you a chance to fix things manually if it's editing the code in ways you didn't want to happen.
  • 16/1/2014
    • Rainclothes, umbrellas and parasols were implemented.
  • 13/1/2014
    • Stomach capacity was reduced from 8000 grams to 4000.
    • It became possible to drag random things (and people) out of buildings and vehicles while you're on the outside, assuming you're not prevented by a lock. This is to plug an exploit of people barricading themselves in a building and leaving the door open while they're inside to prevent anybody from breaking the lock. It also removes the need for staff intervention when a dead body is stuck in a location too full to enter.
    • Did you know? section on Player page was introduced.
    • Handbags were added.