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Welcome to the Cantr II wiki! These pages have been designed to help you learn more about the game, learn all the tricks and tips that are useful when playing, and get explanations of the basic skills needed for survival and further progress in the game. The pages are maintained by the general player base, not by the Cantr staff, and whenever you feel some information is incorrect or missing; feel free to add it yourself.
Just a basic rule that is essential: '''These pages are about any out-of-character information on the game and on how to play the game. In-character information, like personal histories or maps of the Cantr world, is NOT allowed on these pages.''' As a rule of thumb, you can simply say that no characters' names or location names should ever appear on any of these pages.
This wiki is to help increase your understanding of the world of Cantr. This does not necessarily mean that your character must pretend he knows everything in the wiki. And keep in mind that the wiki is [[OOC]], so don't speak about it in character.
Click here for more information on:
* The Basics:
** [[Game Rules]]
** [[Rules of Thumb]]
** [[Your First Cantr Day]]
** [[Game Dynamics]] - Avoid disappointment by reading this section!
** [[Game Mechanics]] - How to use the interface, buttons, automatic functions, etc.
** [[Int emotes|International Emotes]] - To assist communication between characters of different language groups
** [[Known Bugs]] - A list of bugs known to occasionally happen - and how to deal with them
** [[:Category:How to play a role|How to play a role]] - Articles that can help you improve playing your character's role.
*Specific In-Game Details
** [[:Category:Manufacturing|Manufacturing]] - All the things that can be built in Cantr:
** [[Clothing]] - What your characters can wear, and how they can make it
** [[Time]] - How the clocks tick in Cantr
** [[:Category:Animals|Animals]] - What else is out there
** [[:Category:Resources|Resources]] - The materials your character works with...
** [[Skills]] - Your character's abilities, talents and passions.- ** [[Roads]] - details about the roads that link the cities.
** [[Tips and Tricks]] - A list of tips on the way Cantr works and useful idiosyncrasies of the game code.
*Cantr Management
** [[Game Background]]
** [[Cantr Staff]]
** [[Game Finances]] 
** [[Promote Cantr]] 
* Wiki-Specific Information
** [[Cantr II Wiki:About|About]] - What the wiki is for
** [[Help:Editing|Editing help]] - What to make articles look like, and how to get them there
** [[Current events|Current Events]] - What needs doing

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