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Locks come in two types: building locks and vehicle locks. Both serve to control entry and exit to the building or vehicle with the lock, and can be destroyed from the inside or outside.

When a lock is created (as the result of either a vehicle project or a separate lock project) one key appears in the maker's inventory. A key weighs 10 grams and is labeled with a number. This number also appears on the lock, and is unique to the lock. Holding the key allows a character to walk in and out of the secured room or vehicle, or lock/unlock the lock. Keys can be copied for 10 grams of iron - a file is needed to work on the project. An option is available to "tag" each key. Meaning a written label may be added to identify each individual key.

Picking locks

Lockpicking is done using a crowbar. It can be started from outside or inside a locked room or vehicle. The project takes 1 day and may succeed, in which case the lock is destroyed, or fail, in which case nothing happens. Everyone on either side of the locked door hears the initiation of the lockpicking project.

Destroying locks

Locks can be destroyed with a screwdriver and crowbar. The lock must be open, and the project must be started in the same room or vehicle as the lock. The project takes 3 days and (unlike lockpicking) always succeeds. Everyone on either side of the locked door hears the initiation of the lock destruction project.