Known Bugs

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I can't login/Cantr doesn't load or the forums. Oh no. No Cantr!

Solution: At about 15:20 (GMT) the server does a backup, and this lasts (about) half an hour - just sit tight.

I see [ship name] undocking everywhere

Description: The same ship will be seen undocking to any characters travelling, no matter where they are in relation to the boat or sea.

Solution: It's a Cantr ghost ship - be afraid!

Or just ignore it - some kinda glitch with docking/undocking procedures, when someone uses the back button and tries to dock again.

Dragging project is at over 100%

Description: On the character list page the percentage complete by the name of a character dragging person or pulling a note, envelope or item displays a value over 100%.

Solution: Cancel project and start again.

I can't pass things whilst travelling on foot

Solution: This isn't a bug. You'll have to wait until you reach your destination.

On the other hand, if you are in a vehicle, you can pass objects to characters walking on the road - just see it as the vehicle being faster, and able to pull-up alongside walking characters.

My building never appeared, and my vehicle is warping

Solution: Don't use HTML, or apostrophes, or hyphens, or anything else but alphanumeric characters (to be on the safe side) when naming buildings or vehicles - or they're likely to get all manner of weird things happening to them... Contact the Programming Department with details of the missing building.

(Copied from original forum thread Known Bugs & Workarounds)

Something else happened which looks like a bug but is not listed above

Other bugs can be reported to the Programming Department by either emailing, or posting a report in the General Support Forum.

When reporting a bug please leave enough information for the Programming Department to trace the issue. If the infomation and/or bug is sensitive then please use a private contact method such as email.