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| type      = Protection
| skill    = Manufacturing weapons
| time      = 3
| resources = 200 grams of [[iron]]
| objects  = 1 [[iron shield]]<br />1 [[leather enarmes]]<br />1 [[leather guige]]
| tools    = {{peen hammer}}<br />{{chisel}}<br />{{flatter}}<br />{{set hammer}}<br />{{sledgehammer}}
| rot      = 10
| userot    = 40
| repair    = 300
| defense  = 29
| weight    = 800
| visible  = yes
}} }}
The kite shield is an improved version of the [[iron shield]] and the second best shield in Cantr. It's made by attaching [[leather guigue]] and [[leather enarmes|enarmes]] and some extra [[iron]] to a basic [[iron shield]]. A full set of [[weapon-smithing tools]] are required. The kite shield can be embellished by plating it with [[silver]], [[gold]] or [[platinum]], making it into a [[silver plated kite shield]], a [[gold plated kite shield]], or a [[platinum plated kite shield]]. But this is merely a show of wealth and doesn't make the shield any stronger.
The kite shield is the second shield that can act as a weapon, but like the [[targe]], because they aren't designed for attacking, it deals low damage.

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