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The GAB is the main governing body of the game. It is made up of the Chairs of each Cantr staff department, chaired by the Game Founder, Jos Elkink. It appoints new staff members, sets access privileges of game administrators, and sets the overall policies which guide the direction of the game. The exact role of the GAB is defined in the Cantr Organizational Constitution.

Current members

As of 25th November 2009.

Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
Jos Elkink Chair Jos Elkink Plekhov
Jos Elkink Member (Programming Department) Jos Elkink Plekhov
Judith Meyer Member (Languages Department) Junesun Junesun
Doug Roberts Member (Marketing Department) Doug R. DougR
Genevieve White Member (Players Department) Genevieve Genevieve
Kris Scott Member (Communications Department) the_antisocial_hermit Hermitess
Stefan Liedtke Member (Resources Department) Piscator Piscator
Sarah Collins Member (Administrative Support Department) cantrlady cantrlady

Former Members Include