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Responsible for moderation of the forum and IRC chat room and the Cantr Webzine (Stolen Notes)

This department is responsible for assisting in the communications between staff and players, and among players themselves, outside the game. Members of this department will function as moderators on our public forums and chat channel. The department will also handle our suggestions and bugs gatekeeping functions, so make sure that ideas and bugs discussed among players reach staff in a clear, summarized manner. Additional tasks related to community relations and communications are being developed. There is also a Cantr Radio station (Colonel's Station) at


<tr><td>Rob Maule</tr><td>Member (Suggestions Gatekeeper)</tr><td>Rob Maule</tr></td> <tr><td>Darren Soanes</tr><td>Member</tr><td>colonel</tr><td>cantrcolonel</tr></td> <tr><td>Neo Raydants</tr><td>Member</tr><td>Solutions Maximus</tr><td>Solutions Maximus</tr></td> <tr><td>Sarah Smith</tr><td>Member (Editorial Board)</tr><td>Sarah</tr><td>Sarah</tr></td> <tr><td>Lora Perkins</tr><td>Member</tr><td>Sunni Daez</tr><td>Sunni </tr></td> <tr><td>James Deeks</tr><td>Member (IRC moderator)</tr><td>Revanael</tr><td>Moo</tr></td> <tr><td>Andrew Parsonson</tr><td>Member </tr><td>The Surly Cantrian</tr><td>Surly</tr></td> <tr><td>Andrew Sullivan</tr><td>Member (Wiki Moderator)</tr><td>kabl00ey</tr><td>kabl00ey</tr></td></table>
Name</tr><td>Position</tr><td>Forum Nickname</tr><td>IRC Nickname</tr> <tr><td>Nick Rush-Cooper</tr><td>Chair (Editorial Board)</tr><td>hallucinatingfarmer</tr><td>hallucinatingfarmer</tr>