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'''Tools required'''
'''Tools required'''
* [[trowel]]
* [[iron trowel]] or [[wooden trowel]]
A coin press can only be built inside a [[building]].
A coin press can only be built inside a [[building]].

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A coin press is used to make coins. All coins produced by a coin press are inscribed with the name of the press, which is set when the press is built.


Resources required

Labour required

  • 8 days

Tools required

A coin press can only be built inside a building.

Manufacturing coins

The coin press operates differently from most machinery. You can choose a metal to make the coins out of and a number of coins to make (maximum of 20). Each coin is made of the input metal and imprinted with the name of the press.

Coin production data (per coin)
Coin type Amount of metal used Project length
Gold 10 grams 0.2 days
Silver 10 grams 0.2 days
Copper 10 grams 0.2 days
Nickel 10 grams 0.2 days
Iron 10 grams 0.2 days
Steel 10 grams 0.2 days