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Carrying capacity?

I have no idea how the weight numbers, on this page and the specific vehicle pages, relate to the amount of goods that can be carried in a vehicle. Are the numbers here useful at all? Without some explanation, they are deceptive as to how much a vehicle can carry.

I believe that the base capacity figures quoted include the weight of a person. A Cantr person weights something like 60000 grams. Also, you need to take off the weight of the lock which is, I think, 180 grams. So if it says the weight is 90000 grams, the actual amount of stuff you can put in is (90000-60000-180)g. Psymann 09:33, 27 February 2008 (EST)
The formula Psymann is referring to is the practical max capacity (more details over on that page). Kaimera 13:15, Nov 14 2008 (PST).

Can someone doublecheck the carrying capacity of the tricycle and dirt motorbike? They appear to be less than the carrying capacity of a walking person, which doesn't sound right to me. (Especially since you can ride a standard bike or a skateboard with full pockets). Kaimera 10:15, Jan 11 2009.