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Some vehicles require engines to be built inside them in order to run. There are four types of engines.

Car engine (A) and car engine (B) can be built in the same vehicles, and either one will power the vehicle. However, the B engine makes the vehicle travel 10% faster.

Fuel Usage

Engines will accept fuels just like any other storage device. The amount of fuel consumed during travel is determined by the following equation:

fuelusage = engine * (vehicle_minimum + ((vehicle_maximum - vehicle_minimum) * (current_speed/maxspeed)**6))

engine = engine usage factor for the fuel type (defined for each engine type)
vehicle_minimum and vehicle_maximum = usage variables that are defined for each vehicle

Engine List

Click on the 'category' tab at the top of the page to access the list of types of engines that can be made, organized as they are listed in the in-game manufacturing menu.

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