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There are many different animals in the Cantr world. These are the only non-player characters in the game - all other characters you encounter are played by other players like you.

Animals in Cantr are always living in groups or packs, but a pack can be only one animal large. Animals can reproduce, travel from one place to another, and attack characters. In return, you can attack animals and when you kill them, you'll get some products such as bones (large and/or small), meat, sinew, hide, fur or feathers. (What you get depends on the type of animal.) Usually the animal parts end up in your inventory but if there's not enough room, they fall on the ground.

There are plans to 'individualise' animals, so that they do not live in packs anymore, which will allow for new features like animals entering (and being locked up in) buildings or vehicles, animals being domesticated, etc. But this is all future planning which might take some time.

Note that ranges for animal products are not absolute, but rather the extreme noted and recorded values from in character experience.

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