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Cantr II has a quarterly webzine with articles based on the game, puzzles, tips, tricks, interviews and more! (Stolen Notes)

About the Zine

Although off to a rough start (as it took six months to gather submissions and support from the Cantr player body), by the release Issue in June 2005, the Zine purported the following mission:

"There should be something of interest to any player, whether you've been playing Cantr for a long time, or have just started your addiction. We hope this will become a place to visit regularly, with periodic updates. With time, this is hoped to become a repository of Cantr information, history, insights, games and the like, from both staff and players."

After the release of four bimonthly issues by the end of 2005, Jon replaced editor Nick and joined the other founding editor, Sarah Smith.

In 2006, the Zine switched to a quarterly cycle to allow more time for submissions, editing, formatting and hype-building. During this time, it saw the first full color cartoon by Seko and 40% of readers agreed that the Zine had improved.

In early 2007, Jon and Sarah left as editors and were replaced by Paul Reed and Andrew Brown. After they left, it went unattended for a period of time at which point they were replaced with theguy (Joel Hoskin) and Snake_byte (Andrew Degray), who are the current editors (as of March 2010).

Contact the Zine

  • We're always happy to receive submissions of any kind. emails have been reopened and are receiving.
  • Also, to submit something to us, please login to your Cantr account and select Contact Cantr II Departments near the bottom of the page. Choose Webzine from the drop-down box and compose your email as you normally would.