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Cantr II is run by a large group of people, who all voluntarily dedicate their time to make this game as interesting and pleasant as possible. Under the policy leadership of the Game Administration Board, different departments concentrate on different aspects of running the game. The Administrator Emeritus position holds no specific authority other than knowledge but may advise the Game Administration Board on confidential (and all) issues.

The Programming Department concentrates on the development and maintenance of the source code of Cantr. If you experience any bugs in the software, you should report them using the Contact Form or post them in the General Support forum. They will be handled as soon as possible, but unfortunately this might still mean it will take a while, since this department is generally understaffed.

The Resources Department is responsible for the whole industrial chain of the game. They design raw materials, machines, animals, etc. If you have any ideas for new materials or machines, make your suggestion heard on the Cantr Suggestions Forum.

The Players Department is responsible for helping Cantr players to understand the game and to check whether players are following the few Game Rules we have in the game. Better to keep the PD as your friends ;) ...

The Public Relations Department is responsible for establishing policies regarding the moderation of Cantr's satellite resources (forum, wiki, irc, webzine), maintaining these resources in order to best promote the free exchange of ideas between the players, promoting Cantr in order to gain more players, and, if needed, soliciting funds from the players to pay for Cantr's costs. This department is a combination of the previous Marketing and Communications Departments.

The Languages Department has been merged with the Public Relations Department but its members continue their work from within the new department. They are responsible for translating the game into a large number of languages, so that non-English speakers can play in their own languages. This is not only nice for them, it also adds an interesting inter-cultural dimension to the game, as all language groups play in the same virtual world.

The New Lands Department was responsible for creating new islands and adding animals, roads, and resources to them. However, it has been disbanded.

The Administrative Support Department is responsible for managing and aiding the Cantr Staff, and for handling Cantr's finances. They report directly to the Game Administration Board, and move in the shadows of bureaucracy...

See the Cantr Departments Overview on the main site for a more authoritative overview of staff.