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Deleting Articles

Please put a {{delete|<reason>}} tag at the top of articles that should be deleted, such as:

  • Articles with incorrect title names (misspelling or capitalization)
  • Spam

A wiki sysop can then delete the page.


These are the templates to be used: Category:Templates Please contact Joshuamonkey to have a template translated into your language. When making a template, the page should be at Template:Infobox:<individualtemplatename> The documentation for how to use the template should be at Template:Infobox:<individualtemplatename>/doc

Articles in Other languages

All articles should have {{InterwikiLink:<ArticleNameInEnglish>}} (no spaces, capitalized) at the top. There should be a page called Template:InterwikiLink:<ArticleNameInEnglish> to define the names of the other articles in English. See Template:Interwiki for details.


Please upload images with documentation using this page: Special:Upload, which currently doesn't work. You should place one in the template of an article if it's small enough. If it's too tall (the template makes images the same width as the template), then you can put the image at the bottom of the article under == Images ==.