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Editor references

Required reading for management

These articles, from the Wikimedia meta-wiki, are required for an understanding of the various flashy tricks the wiki is based on. Visiting editors, who are just here to add a comment or bit of data, don't need this. But if you want to make a new page or suggest any sort of change in the organization of the wiki, this is necessary knowledge.

Cantr-related links

Vote for Cantr

Cantr needs you to vote in order to ensure that more players come to our game. It just takes a small amount of time, and it really benefits the future of Cantr.

Top 10 contributors:

(pages edited, as of 2006-05-07)

Sho 3327
Yossarian 528
Talapus 444
Hellzon 425
Nick Roberts 332
LuKo 291
Wojd 282
Kabl00ey 269
Kildar 260
Diabelek 176