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==Wiki administrators==
The users Sho, Mattan, and Maekho have been given sysop privileges. These privileges are given with the assumption that you have the quality of the wiki at heart and that you will respect the requirements of the other language groups than your own when making use of these privileges.
==Wiki update status==
Compare with [[:Category:Database changes]] to check for information that needs to be added to the wiki.
{| border=1 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 style=text-align:center
!''Database Changes''!!''Updated To''
||[[Recent database changes - Animals]]
|| None
||[[Recent database changes - Clothes]]
|| 08 Nov 2006
||[[Recent database changes - Gathering tools]]
|| 10 Apr 2007
||[[Recent database changes - Machine projects]]
|| 19 Apr 2007<sup>1</sup>
||[[Recent database changes - Objects]]
|| 26 Jun 2007
||[[Recent database changes - Resources]]
|| 26 Jun 2007
<sup>1</sup> Not verified, working through the db dump. [[User:Ceselb|Ceselb]] (old date 01 Oct 2006)
[[Database snapshot]] is a dump of the full characteristics of all items in the Cantr II Database monitored by the CantrBot. It represents the state of the database on Tuesday 6th February 2007.
==Editor references==
*[[Cantr II Wiki:Format Guide]]
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page Wikipedia editing help]
*[[Cantr II Wiki:Model layouts]]
*[[:Category:Database changes]]
*[[Cantr II Wiki:Sandbox]]
*[http://www.cantr.net/mwiki/index.php?title=Special%3AAllpages&from=&namespace=10 list of templates]
==Required reading for management==
These articles, from the [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikimedia meta-wiki], are required for an understanding of the various flashy tricks the wiki is based on. Visiting editors, who are just here to add a comment or bit of data, don't need this. But if you want to make a new page or suggest any sort of change in the organization of the wiki, this is necessary knowledge.
*[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Template Templates]
*[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Category Categories]
*[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Table Tables]
*Everything else in the [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editor editor reference]
==Cantr-related links==
*[http://www.cantr.net Cantr II] - the game we all know and love
*[http://www.cantr.net/forum Cantr II Forums] - where we discuss suggestions, events, and other things that pertain to Cantr.
*[[Cantr Webzine]] - [http://www.cantr.net/e107/news.php Stolen Notes] - a quarterly webzine, maintained by our [[Communications_Department|Communications Department]]
*[[Cantr Radio Station]] - The Cantr radio station has shut down. Darren (Colonel) ([http://www.djcolonel.com/] [http://www.freewebs.com/colonelsoanes/playing.html]) now holds a DJ spot on [http://www.clubfxradio.com/ Clubfx Radio]
*[[Cantr Chat Channel]] - [http://www.cantr.net/index.php?page=irc&l=1 Cantr II IRC Room] - THE place to chat about Cantr.
==Vote for Cantr==
Cantr needs you to vote in order to ensure that more players come to our game. It just takes a small amount of time, and it really benefits the future of Cantr.
*[http://games.plit.dk/cgi-bin/games.pl?_cmd=ShowGame&GameId=95 Ultimate Game Directory]
*[http://www.rpggateway.com/cgi-bin/wyrm/search.cgi?query=cantr RPG Gateway]
*[http://www.free-games.com.au/Detailed/929.html Free-games Australia]
*[http://www.sweetonlinegames.com/?a=vote&gid=50 Sweet Online Games]
*[http://www.toprpgames.com/vote.php?idno=409 Top RP Games]
*[http://www.directoryofgames.com/main.php?view=topgames&action=vote&v_tgame=136 Directory of Games]
*[http://omgn.com/topgames/vote.php?Game_ID=731 Online Multiplayers Game Network]
*[http://www.mudmagic.com/rate.php?id=1416 Mud Magic]
*[http://www.gamesites200.com/gaming/vote.php?id=3969 Gaming Top 200]
==Top 10 contributors:==
(pages edited, as of 2007-10-19)
| [[User:Sho|Sho]] || 5120
| [[User:Ceselb|Ceselb]] || 2963
| [[User:Mattan|Mattan]] || 2447
| [[User:Maekho|Maekho]] || 1860
| [[User:Keisha|Keisha]] || 796
| [[User:Seko|Seko]] || 770
| [[User:Talapus|Talapus]] || 636
| [[User:Yossarian|Yossarian]] || 518
| [[User:Hellzon|Hellzon]] || 479
| [[User:El bicho mutante|El bicho mutante]] || 405

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