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||[[Recent database changes - Clothes]]
||[[Recent database changes - Clothes]]
|| 27 Oct 2006
|| 08 Nov 2006
||[[Recent database changes - Gathering tools]]
||[[Recent database changes - Gathering tools]]

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Wiki update status

Compare with Category:Database changes to check for information that needs to be added to the wiki.

Database Changes Updated To
Recent database changes - Animals None
Recent database changes - Clothes 08 Nov 2006
Recent database changes - Gathering tools None
Recent database changes - Machine projects Sun, 01 Oct 2006
Recent database changes - Objects Mon, 25 Sep 2006
Recent database changes - Resources 12 Oct 2006

Editor references

Required reading for management

These articles, from the Wikimedia meta-wiki, are required for an understanding of the various flashy tricks the wiki is based on. Visiting editors, who are just here to add a comment or bit of data, don't need this. But if you want to make a new page or suggest any sort of change in the organization of the wiki, this is necessary knowledge.

Cantr-related links

Vote for Cantr

Cantr needs you to vote in order to ensure that more players come to our game. It just takes a small amount of time, and it really benefits the future of Cantr.

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