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Used to keep thieves out, or criminals inside, building locks are an essential thing in maintaining power in your location.
Building locks can only be made out of [[iron]], and require a [[screwdriver]] to make. One building lock requires 200 [[Gram|grams]] of [[iron]], and takes 1.5 days to make. You must be inside the chosen building to add a lock to it.
When the building lock is finished, the [[key]] to it will go to the project initiator's [[inventory]]. A [[key]] can be copied, with the use of 10 [[Gram|grams]] of [[iron]] and a [[file]]
A locked building door cannot be passed without either the right [[key]], or a successful lock-breaking attempt with a [[crowbar]].
Please also note that this reference is in regards to a Building Lock, and not a [[vehicle lock]].
'''Build/Repair Skill:''' ''none''<br>

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