Bronze bagh-nakh

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Bronze bagh-nakh
Object typeWeapons
Skill usedManufacturing weapons
Time3 day(s)
Materials30 grams of bronze
Toolsbronze or steel peen hammer
bronze or iron chisel
bronze or steel flatter
bronze or steel set hammer
Machinesbronze or iron anvil
Rot and repair
Rot6 points per day
29 points per day of use
Repair800 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight30 grams

Description and uses

The bronze bagh-nakh is a weapon whose weakness is only compensated for by its concealability - other characters cannot see it in your character's inventory. The name means Tigers Claws and it is designed to appear like claws and to leave wounds similar to those a tiger would leave. More information can be found in the entry for Steel bagh-nakh

Real-life context