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|type        =Protection
|skill      =Manufacturing weapons
|time        =1
|resources  =350 grams of [[large bones]]<br>100 grams of [[small bones]]<br>80 grams of [[hide]]
|objects    =
|tools      ={{knife}}
|machines    =
|location    =
|rot        =11
|userot      =53
|repair      =300
|attack      =
|skillweight =
|defense    =16
|weight      =530
|visible    =yes
A bone shield is a wise thing to build for a character without much access to anything. They can be created without the use of anything other than bones and a little [[hide]], making it probably the easiest shield to make. You'll need some [[small bones]] as well as some [[large bones]], and a knife to construct it. Luckily, a [[bone knife]] will do. Generally is only of much use to protect from animals.
It an be decorated with feathers, making it into a [[Bone shield rimmed with feathers]], but this does not increase its effectiveness, only its looks.

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