Bone bodkin

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Bone bodkin
Object typeTools
Skill usedManufacturing tools
Time0.25 day(s)
Materials300 grams of large bones
50 grams of wood
Rot and repair
Rot30 points per day
200 points per day of use
Repair0 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight350 grams

Used to manufacture apothecary kit, square mainsail, gaff mainsail, jib, staysail, topsail, thick or perforated leather clothing and some musical instruments.

See Also: Bodkin

Customized Description Tool

The bodkin can be used to alter the customized description of books, including:

  • cloth-covered book
  • cloth-covered book
  • crocodile leather book
  • diamond-studded tweed_book
  • emerald-studded crocodile leather book
  • gilded book
  • leather book
  • marbled paper book
  • marbled paper book
  • opal-studded silk-covered book
  • platinum-embossed snakeskin book
  • reed book
  • ruby-studded leather book
  • silk-covered book
  • silvered book
  • snakeskin book