Bike cart

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Bike cart
Object typeVehicles
Skill usedManufacturing vehicles
Time6 day(s)
Materials500 grams of steel
1000 grams of iron
150 grams of rubber
450 grams of wood
Toolsregular or bronze screwdriver
stone, bronze or regular hammer
Land Vehicle
Total Capacity92500 grams
Real Capacity32320 grams
Travels onpath
Base speed0.32
Weight effect5000
Vehicle speeds (pixels)
Road type Max.* Min.**
Path 14 7
Sand road 20 14
Paved road 31 25
Highway 52 46
Expressway 78 71

* Max means speed with just a driver, ** Min means speed when fully loaded.

A bike cart is an improved version of a bike. It's faster and can carry more, but needs more resources to make.