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Age works a little differently in cantr. Every character begins life at 20, and ages one year for every twenty real-life (and in-game) days. A character that has existed since 1000, for example, will turn 34 on 1280.

A character's age is visible only to that character's player, but his or her approximate age is visible to all, in their character description, as "A man in his twenties," "a woman in her fourties," etc.

The vast majority of people in cantr are in their twenties, though as the game gets older it is more and more common to see people in their thirties, fifties, even their seventies. (A character in his/her seventies has been around almost since the start of the game. A character born on the very first day that cantr existed would now be in their very early 80s, as of day 1200. There are very few people this old.)

As stated, the vast majority of cantr folk are in their twenties, with numbers decreasing exponentially for every decade of age.

It is possible to die of old age.